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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So have you seen this big story about Fauxtography? Fake news photos being pawned off as the real thing?

Here is a good rant about it, if you are unfamiliar.

My question is why is any one surprised? Sure I have been accused of being skeptical, cynical and untrusting of all things, but… am I the only one that has received a flurry of fake images over the years in my inbox? I mean come one, some of them are stupid obvious.

Hell, I have touched up a photo or two in my day. It does not take much to go way past red eye reduction to removal or insertion of whole items into an image.

So how long did you really, think it would spill over to the world of photo journalism? Really? I think most people need to do more thinking for themselves and less blindly believing what they read, and what they see.


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