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Thursday, March 22, 2007

If You Paid Attention, Life Would Be Eaiser.

Attention people of earth. You share this planet with other people. Please pay attention to what is going on around you.

If you stop three car links back from the intersection, the last guy in line is likely in the middle of the intersection behind you, pull up and pay attention you dim-witted driver. Also thanks for waiving me to go first at the intersection. Clearly you don’t know how to drive and I am glad to go ahead of you. Sure you were at the intersection a full minute before I even came to a stop, your clear confusion about simple traffic rules means you should be in back of me somewhere, so I will not get caught up in your accident when it happens.

Yes you missed your turn, kindly proceed to the next available turn and make your turn then. Don’t back up on the shoulder, make some kind of crazy u turn, or turn in font of others from the wrong lane. Yes you will be slightly delayed, that is your penalty for not paying attention.

Just pretend, for a moment, that other people work say somewhere around 9- and get out some where say… around five. Closing down the road for 2 hours should be done BETWEEN these times. Not 8:30- 10:30 when everyone is rushing around. No waiting until 4-6 is not a good idea either. Use that brain please.

Inside it gets worse.

If you chose to check out at the Pharmacy counter, because when you wattled past the regular checkout line it was to busy, have your shit together and don’t chit chat with the counter person, someone behind you is waiting for their GD pain medication. Who does half their grocery purchase at the freaking pharmacy anyway, get a life.

If you are a check out person, pay attention. I have been pacing in front of the desk for 30 min. You just paged my name. No I did not call my prescription in a week ago. Yes its on the counter right be-fircken hind you. Yes I am talking funny, there is cotton in my mouth, the local is wearing off and I am being delayed as I am doing the thinking for both of us. The fact that you talking right now and not ringing me up is driving me crazy so if you can not tell that I am in need of service standing her in front of you, check you pulse, you may be dead. If not check it again in a few seconds as I am going to kill you if you don’t ring me up.

People, just pay attention. Is it really that much to ask?



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