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Monday, May 14, 2007

Top five times I almost (and should have) died.

(inspired something I read… but for realz)

5) Breaking up fight with armed felon(s)

Once in college, I was so drunk I broke up a knife fight.
Yes this proves, drunk = dumb

4) 1987-1992

Ok these were some rough years for me. Numerous bad decisions, that I am amazed I lived through.

3) Fishing Tip to remote Upper Peninsula River

Never take your canoe on a remote river on advice of the locals who already have it out for you. Especially with no food, water, brains… hours later broken and bloody you finally will realize looking at a map once in a while before you go wouldn’t hurt. You know what im talking about, Paul.

2) New River Gorge, White Water Rafting

Amazingly I made this trip more than once. Including but not limited to dangerous rapids, cliff diving and drunken debauchery.

1) Pilot of aircraft, trip back form Canada circa 1996

Ok once I ran into weather so bad, freezing fog, ice, low visibility. I knew I was in trouble when the windshield started to ice over. At 1000 feet unable to see… scary. Somehow I lived. I am still not sure how. Ron you know what I mean.

Bonus Memory:

Several, several crazy stupid vehicle stunts but none stand out more then going about 50 mph though an intersection, deciding that I was supposed to turn… slamming on the breaks and cranking the wheel. Doing a full 450 deg. screeching spinning turn to the left. Managing not to flip the Ford Granada and watching the guy at the stop sign with his mouth wide open agape at me as I proceed like I planed the whole maneuver all along.

Recently a good freind told me: "Thats why I know I still have somthing left to do with my life... I lived through my youth."


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