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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smarter: Dog Vs Cat

The Cat sometimes seems smart, but let’s face it, all that feline facade is really a front for mostly instinct and “chase “ reflex.

I mean the cat may look all cute and contemplative, sitting there across the room ignoring you but the dog KNOWS what you are saying. Tanner probably has a 20 + word vocabulary. Not to mention that she somehow knows when I am wrapping up a conversation ( I am still not sure what clues she picks up on ) when I am going to the basement (damn did she hear the dryer stop tumbling) and about 50 other non-verbal clues she just knows. Some of which are highly annoying, but still show some cognitive skills mind you.

Plus lets face it she may be a fetching machine, but there is zero chance the dog will get closed in the dresser drawer for hours because he she HAS to jump in any open space while your back is turned. (Seriously true story, damn cat).

The separation factor is way higher with the dog. Sure it might just be Tanner, and how she is spoiled going to work with me and all but she LIKES it when you are around, the cat…. Meh… didn’t even notice you were gone.

Really its not Kittys fault, I mean just look at cranium size. Cat brain walnut size, Tanners brain about a softball. I mean all other things considered what kind of computing power you going to get from nut size brain.

So I am sure it is no surprise to most people, but the Dog wins… by a mile. Don’t be haters cat owners, you know its true.

PS to my chagrin, I have grown fond of the cat, more than I thought I would being the dog guy that I am.

The best thing about the both of them... could give a shit about the iPhone.


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