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Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool Gear - Sometimes I go to Far

Lets Face it. I am a tool guy.

I take good care of my tools and when something needs to be replaced I try and select a high quality tool that will last me a long time rather than something cheap that will have to be replace every 2 years.

This is the case of my trimmer.

I have had a nice gas powered Homelite trimmer for a long time. Over the years I have taken it apart, replaced the head, cleaned the thing, it still worked great but truth is I decided to leave it with the country house to so tenant could do a little better job with the yard work. After all we already left him the tractor.

So my mission this last weekend: get a new trimmer, and an electric hedge trimmer for the bushes in and around the yard. Don’t spend a fortune.

I had been reading at Toolmonger about trimmers with detachable components … blowers, edgers and yes… hedge-trimmers. So at the local home improvement store I found myself in a big isle with all the trimmers. Low and behold, it really was not that much more to buy a better trimmer with a hedge cutting attachment. I knew what the prices were, they were competitive, I knew Troy-built was a quality product. So I pulled the trigger.

Honestly I have a small yard. Since we rented out the country house, I don’t have two acres to take care of any more. Some might say having a gas powered trimmer is overkill. The gas powered hedge trimmer… ok that is over-kill.

Its heavy, noisy, powerful, PERFECT. For my large hedge on the west side of my home it made a very big job very easy. But for my small bushes in front, it was heavy and un-wieldy. If I had it to do over, I might have just got a bigger electric one… ok who are we kidding no I wouldn’t. Let the neighbors laugh… I rule. Next week I am trading in my push mower for a tractor!


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