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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan Vs. San Diego State

The first full day of fall dishes up a cool day perfect for football as Michigan plays host to the San Diego State Aztecs.

The 4th game of the season has been hyped as an exciting contest, rightfully so. Michigan on paper is favored by 10 or more but paper does not show emotion and the emotions are running high.

As the season progresses so does the  pressure for Michigan and having Brady's old team as an opponent doesn't make it any easier. The fact that Brady informed his San Diego by text of his hasty departure and journey to MI has left a lot of bitter in the mouths of the fans and players alike from the Mountain West Conference and beyond.While here Brady Hoke can do no wrong, but out west he is the type of evil that can only propel your desire to win.

As says:

"There's a soap opera-like storyline surrounding Brady Hoke battling his old team that makes this meeting unique. Chip that away, and you still have a pretty good football game."

Not to mention that MI has way more to loose finally breaking back in to the AP poll and and loss at this point in the season could be a momentum changer. The repercussions could be bad casting longer shadows then those giant new scoreboards.

When you cut through all the hype it comes down to two teams both with good players (SDS has a great QB and other weapons at the ready) and in college ball anything can happen.

Here us to great contest, good luck boys.


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