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Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Wood Shop

Life gets busy and it’s easy to get lost in all the trappings and the bustle that the day presents. Time in the wood shop grounds me. It slows me down and that helps remind me what is important.
 I need to spend more time in the shop.
We have an old house and we love it. Since I am into woodworking re-facing the cabinets in the kitchen vs. buying new is a no brainer. Three quarters of the way though the drawers I noticed this label on the bottom of the drawer (Douglas Fir Plywood …cool). And next to that…. a small inscription:
April 3rd 1943.
Our big day
P.G and L.G

Simple and in pencil just sitting there all those years.
Apparently 71 and ½ years ago someone had a big day. We don’t know who PG & LG are and I can only assume wedding day… but who knows.

I wonder about them and who they were. What was the house like then? What would they think of all the changes we have made? All the changes over 71 years?

Sometimes I forget we are living in a time capsule. When I do remember it slows me down and helps remind me what is important. This would have never been found if I had not taken the time to carefully dis-assemble and re-build  the drawer fronts.

I need to spend more time in the shop.


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