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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kenneth Lay

Today Kenneth Lay from Enron fame died from an apparent heart attack. He was 64.

Apparently he once again cashed out early as he had been convicted of a laundry list of financial crimes (both corporate AND personal) and Lay was scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 23 according to the associated press. He was looking at a lengthy stay in a correctional facility/ country club of the courts choosing.

Lay is survived by his wife, five children and stepchildren and 12 grandchildren. He is also survived by thousands of people whose life was ill affected by the apparent/abhorrent corporate greed of him and his associates. Some of whom lost their life savings in the after math of Enron’s Death Spiral.

Since Mr. Lay maintained his innocence till the end, in guess now a higher power will decide if he truly was innocent or guilty. Good luck with that Kenny boy.


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