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Monday, August 28, 2006

Caveat Emptor

What is wrong with people.

Today I just had a slick salesperson call me , here is what he said:

He said: can you do me a FLAVOR…fax me … something written up slightly different as they (the company he represents) does not know about the spouse.

First of all, your clever word play in no way endears me to you, in fact it makes you sound slicker than you already probably are. Second thing… I am tired of dishonest sales people in general so you treading on thin Ice just talking to me buddy.

Sure in the broad sense, I too am a salesman but I have been disgusted lately by the multitude and stupidity of the lies that I have been hearing. I had more than one client lately tell me that there broker TOLD THEM TO LIE about there residence location so they could get cheaper insurance/interest rates/ taxes on rental property.

How about all the little lies you hear all the time: this is for a limited time, someone else was just looking at this car, we only have a few vacancies left.

I still look at car deals ALLTHE TIME where insurance, or options or fees are added to the deal with out the understanding of the buyer.

Sure all of this has been around since the barter system, but it has become so bad lately.

I find it amusing that there has been a big push in business ethics, but lying is worse than it has ever been in my view.

Companies have put into place (at great expense) procedures, programs training to prevent this tragedy, but tend to look the other way when the evidence of the practice is right there for all to see.

Really the problem is it comes down to the individual. Being honest and making the honest dollar is always harder, but the rewards are so much greater.

Anyone have counter opinion on this one? Or am I one of a dying breed, honest salesman.


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Fatgracdaddy said...

I have alot of opinions on this but not alot of time to make each point.

I dont think that our generation is more unethical than any other but I do think there is a new sense of selfishness and "get mine" that came to a peak around the Clinton era and was majorly reinforced with situations like Katrina. Look at the news today and you can see tons of examples of selfish people doing what they can to get what they can not even what they want or need just as much as they can and if a person doesnt do that they are laughed at and called a sucker.

Even as we see events like 9/11 and the outpour of help it is easily forgotten when the next weekend we pay our cable/gas/electric/tuition bills and see corporate america gettin what they can from us not what they need to provide service.

much more but kid just hit me in face with a drumstick looking for attention.


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