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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mystery Sod

The woods adjacent to the rec-center where I take the dog for her daily, run has seen some transformation as of late. Some one has hired a “landscaper” who has some sort of Attila-the-Hun approach to landscape design. I have noticed whole areas of undisturbed woodlands devastated and left barren.

Today, however, was the capper when I ran into the pine forest and walked into this sod farmland.

I hope they are not trying to lay this sod here, as it will not survive under the thick canopy of the pines and the acidic soil left form the 1 inch thick floor of pine needles left from the trees that surround.

It would not surprise me if the final plans are to remove all the trees to make way for the sod in accordance to the hack methods they have employed so far.

Here you can see a before and after picture, with a Small Tanner cameo.


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