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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rabbit Hole

Tonight in the cold and dark as the snow fell all around me at the park I went down the rabbit hole.

Not metaphorically, but literally.

The softball size Kong toy that I have been throwing around for Tanner slipped out of my hand as I went to heave it and it flew into the deepest thickest briar patch you can imagine. I know briar patch, sounds like the beginning to a child’s story but it happened and Tanner was determined to get in there and get it. So I hacked away at it past the briars until I uncovered a rather large rabbit hole. Large hole, and no ball. Tanners nose realized it before me, the hole in one was one in a million shot but down the hole it went.

Initially I was ready to leave it, even though it cost me $7 on sale no less. I was not even sure it was down there. Tanner was sure. So I took a shot at it.

The hole was larger than it looked, all hidden in the thorns. Reluctant to just reach in there, I shined the light down there. I could see a good two feet and nothing. So again I was going to leave. Tanner reminded me it was still down there so I found a large branch and rammed it down there, rattling it around. Did I feel it? Not sure, I used it so scrape the bottom and I thought I felt something roll. It was hard to tell after all I was wearing gloves and the sensitivity of a broken branch is suspect at best. I kept at it for a while, and sure enough I could see the edge of something red about three feet in.

Persistence prevailed and I retrieved it. I tore a pare of leather gloves snagged my hat, ripped a button of my coat rooting around in that thorn bush. But I saved that $7 Kong. Tanner was elated


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