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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear Mortgage Company

Your ineptitude knows now bounds.

Seriously, I cannot believe how bad you are.

If I tried to imagine how messed up something could get I would not even have come close to the level of incompetence.

At this point I can only assume that you are doing this on purpose just to make me lose my mind because no on this planet could possibly fail so completely at their job.

That’s right, this is your JOB, and you should at least have some vague idea how to do it some kernel of a concept somewhere rattling around that says: Hey that is not right.

This is a simple re-finance, with a customer with a perfect record, all the info you needed and 3 months later you still have it so messed up I have no faith that it will ever close.

A brain dead monkey could have handled this better than you.

I am about to call you again, to try and explain exactly how this is still messed up but I am one more stupid act away from losing my mind.

Honestly, its not even funny anymore.

You have completely failed.


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