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Monday, May 15, 2006


I am not one to Bitch. Who am I kidding, I am totally one to bitch non-stop.

It has rained here 7 days straight, with several more on the forecast.

I am getting webbed feet people.

Come on now, my dog started quacking several days ago.

I stopped showering; I just carry soap with me when I go to and from my car.

A fish just swam past my office window.

Last night, someone was in my neighborhood selling ark’s door to door.

I don’t have to get the paper off the lawn, I just wait for the tide to come in.

I am going to have to mow the lawn soon with a wet suit and a sickle.

I stopped growing grass, changing over to rice.

I no longer have a sun roof, I have an escape hatch when I become totally submerged.

Get the idea?

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