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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yesterday: 06-06-06

Not to give creditability to all those alarmists out there, but yesterday was truly a bad day for some. This last several days have not been much better.

Take my friend Paul D… while out on a leisurely jaunt from work wound up with a spare tire on his windshield. I am talking a full size pickup spare mind you….

Here is what he had to say about it….

”Here is one for the blog. Make sure you mention that the guy had the nerve to ask me if I saw where his tire ended up.

If you look close on the hood, you can see where the tire spun across the top of the hood before it hit the windshield. The scuffs on the hood were all able to be rubbed off by hand.”

No injury mind you, and he walked away just a little startled as you might imagine. Try driving home like this.

Im pretty sure he is one lucky fellow. This week I have had someone roll there car down a mountain in Co and walk away, and another killed as he was hit by a passing car as he exited the vehicle. The latter was just a terrible tragedy, which had a family connection to yours truly. I can still not believe it.


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