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Thursday, October 26, 2006



In the middle of an angry clients rant yesterday… she reminded me of something. Karma. She meant it like Karma was going to punish me, for which I really have no idea as she was clearly just mad at someone else (in my opinion) and taking it out on me.

But it got me thinking… Why had I lost something really? (see previoius post) Maybe it was fate, maybe I was supposed to loose it. Maybe just maybe this was the balance to my unbalance somehow.

It occurred to me then that this item would come back to me if it was important or not. Either way I had to stop obsessing over it.

Anyway I try and live… be a good person and what happens, happens. Right?

Later I was home I picked up a fleece pull-over that was left on the back of a chair and there, from the hemline hanging literally by-a-thread… was the pocket knife I was missing. No not the super awesome one I got for my birthday . This is my everyday one I carry that I had been missing, and obsessing over. When I pulled off the fleece, an errant thread must have just caught the clip of the knife and pulled it right out of my pocket.

Smiling, I snatched it up and to myself thanked the angry client for reminding me that we usually get what we deserve.


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