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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cool Gear- Sony H9

Why My Next Camera May Never Come…

In true Vaporware tradition my next camera always seems to be around the corner. I can not believe how far digital cameras have come. Every week (just like watches, computers, cars, and various other things) I have a new object of desire.

This week, The Mega Zoom Sony H9 (pictured)

But features/options are driving me nuts. I am not talking about standard mega pixels, zoom, shutter speed, huge displays, ISO, shutter lag… you know the standard things you worry about. Oh no, there are a whole new list of things that will confuse the consumer. In a one-upmanship style war between the manufactures, I cant keep up with what is out there much less what I really want.

Here are some new “Uber” features, some more lust-worthy than others:

Weather Proof “?”
Anti-Shake, Image stabilization etc.
Mechanical, Image stabilization, etc. (like above only better?)
Gyro system to reduce shakiness- Pentax (like above only weirder)
Mega Zoom
Shadow Development Technology-Don’t ask me ask Olympus.
Face recognition – seriously , supposed to find and focus on faces.
Full frame sensors
Blink Shot technology- this one from Canon
High-definition outputs
More invented daily and unleashed on the public.

What is a person to do? How about comparing actual photos taken with A particular camera. Check out the Flikcr Camera Finder.


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