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Saturday, June 23, 2007

iPhone- Top Ten Reasons I Am Waiting

Sure it is coming out this Friday. Sure everyone wants one. Sure it’s the best invention since oxygen. No matter how good it is here are my top reasons why I won’t have one in my house for a while.

1) If I get one before my Girlfriend, she might be upset.

2) 2Mp Camera- Yawn… 2mp is a step down for me Steve. Many of my blog photos come directly from my phone, and some photos I print.

3) Price- I have paid before to be the first and I have learned.

4) I hear the “intelligent” screen keyboard leaves something to be desired.

5) Still no expandable memory/card slot… you can to better than that.

6) I am not defined by the number of Apple products I own. (that number is zero BTW)

7) Apparently I don’t listen so what do I need a phone for anyway (per the Girlfriend)

8) How the hell do you keep from scratching the screen? Or smudging the screen, or keep the drool off the screen.

9) I cant afford to camp out for a week just to get one. As much as I would like to hang out with the uber geeks that gotta have one.

10) If I get one before my Girlfriend, she might be upset.


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