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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The New Google: Eye In The Sky

I am not sure if I am impressed, or scared but it is pretty damn cool that I can see my car parked at work on Google Maps.

I can also tell who was at work that day with me based on who was parked near me. Its pretty weird to think that someday soon if not already, somebody somewhere will say “ I can prove I was there, you have my car on global-sat tracking at (such and such a time) at (so and so a place).” Maybe I have been watching to many Law and Order re-runs but it seems like this kind of thing could be useful, and dangerous all at once.

Forget Brittan’s big brother approach to security, pretty soon we will be under some ones (or things IE Defense Net) watchful eye 24/7.

Now with Google’s Street View, you will gave acess to images on a street level view also scary as it has been turning up all sorts of interesting things and all sorts of reactions.

My take… want it or not… look out freedoms here it comes.


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