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Sunday, July 22, 2007

R.I.P. Ampd…. We Had Such Big Hopes


Amp'd revises shutoff date: July 31 at the earliest


*Live picture of Ampd site, up and running 7.21.07 12:01 am.

I might have mentioned my reservation before…but it appears that Ampd is no longer after 7.24.07. Anyway that is all the buzz over the internets.

Things seem to be confirmed with a quick note that that “Amp'd is potentially suspending US operations on July 24th.” in a hard to find subpage in the sight seem to confirm, Amp’d seems to be no more.

You have to read this *unconfirmed* comment I found on the engadget page:

AsianZensation @ Jul 22nd 2007 6:41AM

I work for Ampd Mobile in the IT at the corporate office.....I'll tell you the past few days here have been weird, quiet and just tense. We had a meeting on friday with the CEO and he basically told us not in these exact words but basically start udating your Resume!!! Since Ampd is over I'm gonna let you guys in on some info. Verizon is pulling the plug on us on the 24th, (which you guys know already) they want to do it on Monday but the court order indicates that Monday is the rediculous deadline Ampd has to meet in order for Verizon not to shut us down. We have to come up with 7 million dollars by Monday before Verizon can pull the plug....which means Tuesday at 12:00am they terminate Ampd Forever! We have collected 3 million which some of it came from our customers who were in collections already! My opinion for the downfall of Ampd, 1) Letting customers get to exagerating overdue balances up ready for this: I saw customers who racked up 6 thousand dollar balances and where still not shut off....NO JOKE! and some of them were on family plans....I sawn a family plan ith 5 lines 60 days overdue ownig us $7,450.00 I dont know about you but I know Verizon Sprint, T-Mobile Etc....once you reach 30 days or atleast close to $1,000.00. they shut you off! 2)Our "brilliant" VP of Marketing who focused our budget more on getting top celebs and music artist for out content then actually focusing on servicing our customers and actually hiring decent customer service reps who are the worst i have ever come across Seriously Ampd customer service was one of the worst CS I have ever ever seen......they get about 3 or 4 days of crappy training, then after having to learn like 7 different systems in that short time, they throw them on the phones and dont even know the difference between CDMA and GSM.....Im surprise we lasted over 2 years!!! and finally here is also my opinion on the CEO: the CEO has that 7 mill we need (of hes own money) to get us out of this hole and give us that extra time so that verizon doesnt pull the plug just yet, but even hes not stupid enough to invest back into hes own company when he doesnt even believe in it anymore. S**T I wouldnt...... no one does. thats why no one wanted to invest on the "titanic".....Well enough of my rant but Im very disapointed to leave Ampd after 2 years with company and how laid back it was....we ocasionaly had beer breaks during work hours...sometime we buy cases of Coronas and just drink and chill...those where the good ol days. Well back to the EDD line on Tuesday for me! lol


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