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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tech Explosion

I feel like we are all on the edge of a tech explosion, where more and more items converge into more user friendly, touchscreen technology. More integration between different technologies, will allow a greater compatibility and a greater user experience.

Where your car/navigation system not only is build right in, but recognizes your cell phone, reads the music from it, accepts call and asks if you want to listen to the radio OR the music on your phone.

Not only will the music pause for incoming calls, that already happens, but whey you leave your car your home security/entertainment system picks up the cue, asks if you want to continue the music or move onto something else.

We are so close… I can just feel it.

Some might argue that we are in danger of relying on this kind of stuff to much, or worse our systems will get to smart and take over…., The key is not make it compatible better standards between things for example, make it work together but don’t make it too smart. Always have a human component. Make sure it always pauses to ask us what to do.

This way we will be safe from the robot revolution.


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