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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Drop Heard Round the World

OK I really did it this time, I dropped the iPhone one to many times.

I managed to smash in the “on” button so it was permanently depressed. This caused the phone to go into a frenzy… cycling on and off. It was quite annoying. My phone (and my Friday evening sorry Babe) was in a death spiral.

I had to pry the button “out” so get it to function and then the thing would not spring back any time I used it forcing me to pry it out every time.

I guess I could have chosen to take it to the apple store like any sane man, but instead I went into work early and decided to take it apart. I admit I looked online for some hints as to how to do it with the least amount of risk and I must say I kind of fixed it.

I pried it out better from the inside and managed to get it to spring back, especially if I take care to press the button in on the left side and the right side seems to be a little sticky still.

Back together and it seems to be working… whew…. Disaster averted for now at least.


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