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Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Fact

Here is a fun fact.

My friend called me while driving on I275 the other day. What is so strange about that you might ask? Well that is what I asked, anyway.

This is the deal, he said to me:

I never drive on 275 (if you live in SE Michigan you know it can be a dangerous nightmare especially around rush hours) I usually take the back way 8 or 9 mile to avoid the traffic. But since all the lay-offs TRAFFIC IS VISABLIY LESS. You see, that area is usually flush with automotive workers. Auto executives, auto suppliers, auto related support industries but the recent decline of the Big three has so effected the area that there is visibly less traffic.



At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very noticable on I-96 as well!

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Beano said...

Wow... again.


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