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Friday, March 20, 2009

(T)What Is Twitter?

This is going to sound a little hypercritical (sic) but.... do we really need twitter?
I mean do I really need to know what someone is doing all the freaking time?
For those of you who dont know, Twitter is a small "IM" like client that y0u continually update with your status "what are you doing right now". Then everyone can see what you are doing right now. Its billed for knowing what is going on with someone between blog posts. Really? Do I need to know my friend is taking out the trash right now?

I did see one guy rigged his washer to auto-magicly tweet him when it finished a load. Do you need this? What is next? Was that the toaster? Before I turn around let me check my phone to see if the toaster updated its status. Yes that is but my shoe just tweeted its untied I better bend down and tie it... updating status...
I am ( bending down to tie my shoe)
I thought I had a sickness. A kind of connected-disconnected disorder. I mean my alarm clock is even internet connected. But this, this is just not right. I can see people tweeting there way down the street running into lamp posts for f-sake. Did we learn somthing from Wall-e? Put the twitter client down and go build something damn it.



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