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Monday, April 27, 2009


What a busy week you have had. Becoming complacent with your on-going drug war, you have become ground zero for a pandemic *AND* and earthquake in one day! Do not overstep yourself my quaint southern neighbor. Your beaches and down to earth charm are enough, you did not have go and piss off Mother Nature like that now did you?

Traveling to you in the past has been has dicey as ordering food from that churo vendor with a weepy eye but now… well now its just life threatening in every way possible!

Please, my friend you try to hard!

You had us at drug wars… you had us at drug wars.

¡Le saludamos!

(disclaimer: meant as sarcasm, not in any way meant to offend the fine people of Mexico, Churo venders, any person with ocular discharge (weepy eye). Not, in any way, intended to make light of those who will be affected by influenza now or in the future, or anyone in the travel industry. Not intended to be judgmental of those who have chosen the cartel way of making a living, or any one affected in any way buy the recent earthquake, natural disaster of any kind and anyone who has ever felt slighted my mother nature. If you don’t like the font I wrote this in, the illustration that I have chosen or the colors give you eyestrain, please please accept this heartfelt apology. )


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