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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Go Blue: MIchigan Vs. Western Michigan

Today under a blazing hot sun Michigan opens it season at home against the Western Michigan Broncos.

This season season hopes sit squarely on the rather stout shoulders of new head coach Brady Hoke who has a rather good pool of talented players to draw strength from. After the disappointing last few years it sets this team up for a year of winning and glory or another year of disappointment.
There is no in between.
Brady can not really afford a building year like any ordinary head coach and might expect. He is off to a good start and for some reason he seems to be able to do no wrong as words from him seem to be from a Yost or Schembechler sound bite. Lets face it the public has embraced him like a viking back from a successful plunder. The public opinion is his to loose. That being said his job wont be a walk in the park. Michigan's building years were squandered and spent already and nothing short of wins will satisfy the hungry and ever demanding Wolverine fan base.

Today before another 100,000+ people Michigan starts back down a road to glory, with a much hyped Robinson driving down the filed and legend in the making on the sideline calling the shots.
Western should be a good showing of what kind of tools we have at our disposal and how we can use them best. 
Good Luck Boys, lets bring back some of the Michigan Glory days.

Go Blue!

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