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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A shotgun blast of sanity.

Lets face it things have not been going that smooth lately.
I did have a good birthday (thanks mostly to the Girl) and yet... certain stresses have be weighing heavy on my mind.
Out of the blue an old friend suggested we go skeet shooting at a rustic little place not far from home.
So I broke out the 12 gauge and grabbed my gear and off we when in the early morning mist.
 I did not shot the best... truth be told it took me a little while to dial it in so so speak. Once I did, I held my own.
There is something unmeasurably satisfying about swinging a shotgun across a perfect morning sky as a pair of small orange clay disks  come winging out of the tree line against a field of corn... and suddenly click... boom... boom... then shattered orange clay.
Only with shot on target confirmed do you exhale and smile. Two shells eject into the fall air and the smell of gunpowder fills the nostrils and the smile fills your face.It was all very last minute, informal and surprisingly satisfying.
I almost forgot tomorrow is Monday and it will be back to the grind.

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