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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The real reason Kids dont want to get there drivers license at 16....

It is the start of the Detroit International Auto Show this week , so I thought I would write a little post about something I have noticed for a while... young adult not wanting to get there drivers license. 

Its really weird. Picture this: your 18 and you don’t have a license yet? Really? When I was in school the only reason you did not have your drivers license at 18 was due to a court order of some kind. Seriously.
But over and over I see kids waiting… 18,19,20… older. Waiting. Worse yet not even caring.

So I guess I am not the only once to notice, but I am really tired of people saying its because of  social media giving kids digital freedom, a shrinking world, the lack of a need. In fact its not ONE of those things. Its all of those reason and more.

Yes you can tweet all your friends, and let them know that your checking in at your living room in a press of a button on your phone.  Really though, I think most are just a little lazy.

Lets face it, like most things every year its harder to get your license as well. Make it hard and young adults start to question the value of it. Why try when I can just get mom to drive me? It is really a little over regulated. I am not a huge fan of the graduated process most states have adopted. I say teach you kid to drive, and let them get there license. Its gong be hard, just do it for gods sake.

Parents make it worse, coddling there kids. If you were my kid, you would want to drive. If for nothing else just to get away from me. Not to mention that if you are 18 I am not going to be driving your ass around.

I also believe that it helped that we had motorcycles, go carts, and all sorts of dangerous fun when we were kids. Now this stuff is way to dangerous for the general populace now days. Hell you have to wear a helmet to walk outside these days. When did everyone become such wussies?

Of course you are talking to a guy that was not happy with his drivers license and went on to get his pilots license. So maybe I just don’t understand the mind set. Maybe I never will. One thing for sure, I do see the trend. For what it worth I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

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