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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


On he heals of my purchase of my Nokia n80…The best phone I have ever owned, BTW…

The new Apple iPhone was announced today, to be shipping in June. I have to admit, is functional, fast, and freaking awesome. It has a user interface that is really not even in the same league as anything I have seen on the market and will no doubt sell a billion units and spawn a whole industry of accessories in its wake.

It has a long battery life.
Decent memory
Competent camera
It runs on apple OSX, are you kidding me?
Quad band GSM
Its multi-media functions are not beond anyones
Jaw dropping user interface (auto sensor landscape/portrait mode GTFO)
and above all Apple sex appeal


Its on Cingular (ok for me but not everyone will like that) only
To do everything it does, it has to be a little big.
My phone already has a 3mp camera, hard to backtrack to 2mp
No memory cards…. WTF

Kind of (AHEM) expensive. ($499 w/two year contract ?)

We will see in the summer what happens but I predict, a shortage, a frenzy, several fights to make the PS3/Wii/Xbox wars look like a small forgotten skirmish in the great galactic electronics wars. OH and being apple dont bet on the price dropping after the initial craziness is over, no sir, Apple is known for pricing something where the market will bear and leaving it there until the consumer pockets are run dry….

What do you say kids?.... THANKS APPLE.

Great article *here*


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Fatgracdaddy said...

Now if somebody would just buy a brother one....


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