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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Big House

Today I witnessed the mighty fall. The Michigan Wolverines succumbed to the talents of Oregon. It was not pretty, it was not fun it was just at is was.

It was, coincidently, Gabriel’s first trip to the Big House. At 5, seeing 109,000 crazy fans must have been awe inspiring. He was so excited; he watched everything and paid attention to every play all the way until the half when we finally left.

Here is the thing. Michigan was loosing. Badly. When everyone started to boo, and shake their head and you could hear cursing under everyone breath. I could still hear little Gabriel’s little voice yelling : “Go Meechigan”. Jumping up and down even though he knew we were loosing, he never lost the gleam in his eye and his sincere hope for his team to do well. Here he is waiving his Michigan hat like he saw them doing doing the kick return.

It was sweet and reminded me how fair-weathered fans we all become when we loose our youthful enthusiasm.

On the drive home he said: “Oreo kicked our butts huh?” Yes Gabriel I guess they did. "Oh well" he said "next year".


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