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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thanks Steve- Update on the Updates

Ok Steve… thanks for the upgrades. It was just barely enough to keep me sane because, yes I was getting board with the almighty iPhone. I am telling you what; you just know how to keep people in check, just releasing enough to keep people happy but not enough to disrupt your revenue flow.

Don’t get me wrong, my thanks are sincere.

But I am seriously sad that I play by the rules (non-jail breaked by the book customer to a fault) when others push the envelope and have a slew of third party goodness that I can only dream about.

I forget what a geek I am and how so many people have no idea how the iPhone works. I caused a scene at the dentist when I whipped it out and caused several hygienists two doctors and a general crowd to drop everything and bask in the apple goodness that is iPhone. I expect an iTunes credit for the free publicity :)

One word of warning though: you are surfing on the razors edge. If you are this slow between upgrades(and charging $20 for the iTouch upgrade took rather large huevos my friend) you could have a fanboy revolt. Let loose a little, give the people what they want, you have plenty of money, just relax and let it go.

If you do you will be loved for it, if you don’t… well if you don’t you take your chances on the razor edge my friend. Just a thought.


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