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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its Just To Freeking Complicated

You know what I am talking about. Seriously. Its not just my work either.

Everything is just way to overcomplicated.

(most likely) The policies at your work.
The Tax code.
The (insert any government) department.
The court system
Programing your (cablebox/any house hold appliance)
Training your (dog/kids/parents)

Its all way to complicated. Most of its seems random. There really is no GOOD reason but here are some of the reasons for the mess:

1) Over legislation/regulation/over site.
2) Sheer stupidity.

I guess if you cant beat them join them.

Tihs is sutpdi.

See what I did there... I just randomly decided that for no apparent reason I should remove every third letter in a sentence to between the first and second letter and then repeated the pattern for the first. But only for words that are more than two charters.

So "this is stupid" becomes: Tihs is sutpdi.

Why? Just to over complicate issues and waste more time. Sure corporations can do it, why not you. And for kicks I may just change the rules as I go...because they are OPEN TO INTERPRETATION.



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