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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cool Gear - ecobee

If you have not checked out the engadget link lately you might have missed the coolest home thermostat since ... well ever.

The ecobee is a wi-fi enabled touch screen home thermostat you can access over the internet via you home wi-fi system, upgrade to fit your home automation system and just look freeking cool.

They Claim that it "will pay for itself" in 12-18 months with the energy savings. It might be exaggerated as this comes with a hefty price tag click *here*
to see more of the techno marvel or the link above.

If true, I would pay for something like this, a “money neutral” effect on my budget is always welcome and one the fits my tech needs even better.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

This looks really cool, I can't go to the link since we are running on Explorer 6 which is not supported by ecobee. I can't wait till I have a house that is completely wired for centralized computer monitoring.


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