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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Super Dork:

I know you are not mentally challenged, so try not to act like it. Just because you *believe* something doesn’t mean is true. I know that it *seems* that because you co-singed on some sketchy lease or put a vehicle title in your name for your twenty something daughter, that you should be able to insure it cheaper then if she insures it herself… but no not really.

Let face it, there are a lot of people figuring out this insurance stuff I am pretty sure there is no hidden loopholes here I am just not telling you about.

Actually, since you did this I need *more* info because now you have two names on the title or contract and really you just made it harder than it had to be.

I really recommend you don’t try to change you story now. I am not a complete idiot, I assure you. You just told me she does not live with you. Let me put it this way, Dr. XXXX, if I were to come into your emergency room and tell you a whole bunch of lies and you treated me based on that then I could expect the care I get to be less than effective.

You’re a D O C T O R for flipen sakes.

I know all medical doctors are not rich, but you are saving what to risk all your assets in a claim that you might not be covered for? Not to mention I would expect some modicum of ethics from a licensed professional, are you sure you’re a doctor? Not to mention that you are teaching your daughter that it’s ok to lie to an insurance company.

So now you come to an insurance company, and are let’s say… less than honest. I would say that you could expect the exact type of service when the driver we know nothing about get hurt, or sued or worse.

So if you can’t see the logic in that let me put it this way: Her name is on lease. The lease and her driver’s license show her address, but she is not driving the car? You really are telling me she leased a car for you to drive? Let not forget this is the same person you told us was not living with you last year, and she already emailed me the address its parked at is her address not yours. So ... you drive over to her house, and then pick up her car every morning?

Look I have phone that rings nothing but crazy all day, so you come back to reality, give me the info I need to rate your policy correctly and we can move forward. Arguing with me is not really going to help.



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