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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today was conflicting in many ways, but the Eris was the biggest suprise.

It was a testament to the fact that not all of our clients are as decent and kind as the others… and I had a lot of face time with unhappy people. One thing I spent a great deal of time helping BY update her archaic phone to a Blackberry Curve a sturdy and proven phone. While I was at the wireless store, however, I came face to face with the Droid phone. I have to tell you it was not as impressive as I had thought, mostly I believe because at the store they could not show me a working model stating that you had to activate it to make it work and the cheesy fake screen sticker on it. It felt awkward in my hand and I was not really happy.

I did, however, see the Verizon branded HTC Droid Eris, and I have to tell you this thing was nice. For one I could begin to see the Android software was nice, even though I could not get it past the second “ activation” screen. The best part was it felt nice in the hand. It had a lot, but not all of, what the bigger droid had to offer and was sporting a $100 less price tag.

5 mp camera as well… I think I’m a little smitten.

I am not likely to switch, yet, but this phone more than the droid, is making me think twice.


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