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Saturday, December 12, 2009

VFR weather-Flight time

Although I had neither the time or quite frankly the gas money to spare, I decided that I would get the plane out and knock the dust off her, and at least stay current.There is something about getting to go flying changes, everything.

I had to adjust the pressure in the front strut, and pull the pane out into the cold sunshine. My nose stings in the cold wind as I check the tanks, oil, make sure the all the surfaces seem intact. The smell of AV fuel and old plane fill the cockpit. I turn the key and it springs to life, my heart races as I push in the throttle and wait for some oil temperature to register on the old gauges. She is purring like an 800 lb jungle cat while I taxi to the active runway. A quick chat with the tower and permission to take position on the active runway comes as natural as saying a passing "hello" to an old friend. Suddenly I am rolling and before I know it airborne and that comes with a thrill that is hard to describe. Its sort of like an adrenaline espresso mainlined into your blood stream. Weather-vaneing slightly into the breeze and running the pattern never gets old. Turing to the final approach and adjusting for being to high and to fast is tricky, the cold wants me to soar. Coaxing her down, to a smooth landing is a challenge and she seems to want to be in the air more than on the ground. In the end, its like the runner who gets addicted to the adrenaline its hard to put her away. The rest of the day always seems brighter, always smells sweeter and its hard to remember why it takes me so long to come back to her.
I don't think it will ever get old.

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