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Monday, December 07, 2009

Tanner may be a drooling...

Tanner may be a drooling... tail wagging ornament knocking ball of shedding mess, but she is just Damn insightful.
Take the other day, for example. While sitting at a giant intersection, she suddenly got up from her mid-ride nap and clearly took offense to the vehicle way across the way. I mean in-spite of other vehicles all over the place, she clearly started growling and barking at the car across the large intersection.
I was wondering why, as she was clearly not happy with this particular vehicle when the light turned green and I started to go. That is when Mr. "Tanner no likey" pulled right in front of me turning against my right of way. Of course he got the horn and a few choice words as he turned right in front of me and as soon as it started it was over. Tanner laid back down, to continue napping and I could not help but wonder....
What would it be like to have "Bad Guy" vision like that? Real life super hero. Thats what I 'm talking about.
Dogs are bad ass.



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