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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random thoughts on way to work today:

Aka a glimpse at how my mind works:

(to myself)

What is today? 3/11?
I like 3/11’s music
I really need to sort out my music library.
I never did by a 2nd drive to back up my back up drive.
I think my ‘membership’ for ecost expired.
Expired? I never did put the registration stickers on the plane.
I have to get out to the hanger soon.
The weather is nice finally, but is supposed to rain.
I hope it does not rain went I go hunting this weekend.
Am I going to be able to hunt with my thumb bandaged up?
Better call Ron and talk to him.
Where did I put those Filson pants?
Shit I have to cut the wood for the shelves the Girl wanted before I go.
I really want to start on that shop project.
I have to call Mike about the welding stuff.

What time is it?

Craptastic… I’m running late.



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