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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dawn breaks....again

Dawn breaks....again

For me at least, its another day. Dawn brings with it the promise of a new day and the warmth of spring that is promised this week.

Something about this time of year when the sun comes up right between the houses at the precise angle to catch the dew always catches my eye. Today it was more like frost and it did not glisten quite as well but I have taken this photo before.

I took almost this exact same photo almost exactly one year ago, honestly I did not realize this until I looked at the archives.

It reminds me that 1 year ago would have been Jarrods B-day (tomorrow really) and that this Saturday would have been the anniversary of his death.

Honesty it struck me that I have still not forgiven him, and it does not help that death again haunts me as a father of a close friend just passed. Although also not expected and not nearly as close to me, it was not nearly as jarring just another bit of fuel for the emotional fire brewing within me.

I probably should have more forgiveness in my heart but I just don’t see that in the near future.


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