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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday observations:

You! Yes you with the Champaign colored infinity, nice left turn form the rt. turn lane. I did not know they still passed out drivers licenses in boxes of cereal. I though you wanted the extra berth to make a u-turn but instead you are just a douche. No being late for your dinner at outback is not a good excuse, it just makes you more douchier.

City of Ann Arbor, law makers (AKA City Council)

Your new planned ban on electronic devices is just to broad, stupid, and quite frankly annoying.

As planned it reads:

The ordinance bans motorists and bicyclists in Ann Arbor from using "any device" to do any of the following:

· Talk to or listen to another person.
* Create, send, transmit, read or listen to a text message, verbal message, oral message or electronic message.
* Leave a recorded message.
* Create, send, transmit, review, read a map or other image, whether or not the image or map includes or is accompanied by written or oral messages.
* Use the Internet.

So I can’t use a Bluetooth hands free device? A gps? What about talking to a passenger or plying the with the radio (are radio commercials a verbal message?) Ban texting and surfing while driving and leave it at that. What about hands free systems? Your wording is too broad and if you pass this you are stupid. I have an idea, keep you segway on the sidewalk and take it over to the park and hug a tree and let the gown-ups drive will you?

(PS my apologies to anyone you has had a family member hurt by a distracted driver, but poorly written overly restive laws/rules a just not good for anyone.)

RE: City of Ypsilanti school closings:

20% of the district? Really? Ouch. I can’t even rage about this one. Times out tough and loss of tax revenue I am sure is taking its toll. That just sucks.

My family:

In the face of everything I stand for, I will just say this: Sometimes its embarrassing to be part of this dysfunctional mess. By sometimes I mean always and by mess I mean disaster on a biblical scale. On the other hand thanks for making me, as an individual, look better.

Finally I have been told today that sometimes I come across as whiney...and to that I say:

I amm nnoooooooott!

End of Tuesdays observations

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At 9:58 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

lol, family's dysfunctional mess? That's what they do best.

whiny? just keep smiling. pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter pc load letter

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Beano said...

Hey..,if you cant laugh at yourself who else is going to put you into therapy.


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