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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Tuesday observations: Wednesday late edition

OK Lets just face it:
Its going to be Wednesday from now on.

To the guy how lost the prototype iPhone… in a bar.

Really good job hombre. The world was just WAITING for more apple news. Thanks dude.

To the Mcafee genius that did not test the new update on windows XP:

Last time I heard half the world still runs on XP (Microsoft: it’s a big company with lots of products, take some time and Wikipedia it). Untested corporate update push… genius. You and that iPhone guy should hang out. Thanks dude.

To the customer that thinks he should be entitled to special favors:

Did you just tell me you know its damage that should not be covered but you would appreciate it if we covered it anyway? I cant really understand why your adjuster said no to that, its such a good argument. At least you were nice about it. How about we pay for this, but next time you have something that should be covered we just say no. We have a contract? AHHH HAAAA.

To the European flight authority:

If the ash cloud is between 18 and 25 thousand feet, primarily, they why don’t you fly the planes below 18 thousand and above 25thousand feet primarily. I am just saying, they do go up and down right?

To the customer that thinks its ok to say one thing, then another to get what you want:

Did you just say the house is vacant? Then did you just say you live there? Ok I am not kidding; I need proof that someone is living there. You’re going to take your business somewhere else? Wow, I missed out on a lying customer… awwww.

To the guy on the bicycle that flipped me off today:

Really? Sorry you had to go around me, but I was at the intersection when you arrived. I don’t know what you problem is but I can tell by the fine quality of you personal conveyance device, your wild eyes and disheveled appearance that you are a man of to be respected. To that end this is all I have to say: on this day it will not take much more for me to snap so flip away asshole. Just don’t push me to hard.

End observations.

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