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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Wednesday Observations:

Re: Apple, lost iPhone, and the ensuing stupidity and absurdity of it all.

Lets just face drop all pretences for a second and I will shout this one right out to Stevie J:

Look man, lets face it your super prodigy nerdling lost a prototype. He lost a prototype, Gizmodo got it, and called out on it. They made a big deal and it ticked you off. You cant have the nerdling killed, it would bring to much attention. Your thinly veiled hand behind the raid on Gizmodos editors home is just creepy and I will just say it a bit off putting. So I say this to you: with all reverence and respect, Steve.

Just let it go. Its no big deal

PS please don’t have me arrested.

(see what Jon Stewart had to say)

Re: The makers of Ford Snyc:

I. Love. You.

If I could have designed a bad ass voice recognition blue tooth using, phone book reading, music playing, direction giving, info displaying system… well I don’t think I could have done a better job myself.

Thanks Guys.

Re: The Guy in the truck that pulled up next to me in traffic… honking and making a ruckus.

Ok you look familiar, I probably know you. Hell we might have even bee friends once, but that was a long time ago and may dead brain cells behind me. Thanks for stopping by, but I am on the Snyc phone call, and we are in traffic so, stop acting crazy and try and concentrate on driving. Just for me, for old times sake.

Re: Obama in town on Saturday:

Is it sad that they are expecting 80,0000 people when an average football Saturday attracts 100,0000? Priorities?

End of observations



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