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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A perfect day...

So all the usual ingredients for a bad weekend were there:
Saturday office hours
Stormy weather (Saturday storms)
Family stuff to do (both sides)
A huge to do list
Imperfect timing

And yet things worked out.

Obligations were met. Things were done. Papers were signed. Things fell into place.

I found myself walking the dog though the park as the dogwood tree seeds made it seem like it was snowing...realizing that it really was a good day. Later that night again the trees were raining down as we ate dinner at Mac's looking out the window almost sparkling in the setting sun. The Girl was happy and all was good.

With temps in the 80's Summer has arrived and with it seemingly endless possibilities. This much Zen seems a little to much to believe.

Of course tomorrow is Monday.



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