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Sunday, September 05, 2010

This short vacation ....

This short vacation is going fast. The Girl and I decided to stay home and relax... and get a few things done.
Today we had a conversation, not much is getting done. The Girl pointed out, that was the point. When she is right, she is right.
I did manage to get a few minutes of shop time in today and banged out these mini raised paneled doors for my mom... to replace some doors in a small cabinet in her upstairs bath that were needing replacing.

Looking back I guess I did get these doors started, put new knobs on the Girls dresser project ( a re-hab project she is working on), fixed the dishwasher that came off its mounting bracket, fixed a broken piece of trim on the dishwasher, replaced the faucet in the upstairs bath, built shelves for the lil girls apartment. We installed the same shelves (and various other things around her apartment.)
and probably a few other things not remembered right now.

Looking back, not really sure where the time to relax fit in :) . We still have Monday! HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!

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