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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time machine:

I guess that title is a little miss-leading. This is really not about time machines.

If you really want to read about time machines click here:

What I am writing about today is why this blog exists. Some days I am not sure. Its kind of like therapy for me. I get to vent, people get to laugh at me and well it’s entertaining for me. Lets face it getting a glimpse into this noggin can be both fun and scary all at the same time.

What I am really talking about is this blog is more of a time capsule. I can look back at March 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and see what is going on. What has changed what hasn’t and really its fun, probably only to me, to see what I was thinking a year ago today for example.

So for what its worth I appreciate the readers and those who comment. I invite your perspective and for what its worth I might get 1 comment to every 300 visits to the blog. That’s OK, I understand is hard to jump in sometimes but please do continue to read and comment when you feel like it. Its really not about that for me its fun to slip in and out of time back to what I was thinking in time ( I was so crazy in 2007!)  

OK enough reminiscing (March is always so melancholy for me) back to your regular programming.



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