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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Overheard last night on the couch… Star Wars Edition.

(While flipping through channels Star Wars Episode IV was on, the part where they are blasting their way out of the detention level into the trash compactor)

The Girl: “OH! I know that part its just like that Family Guy thing!”

Me: “The Blue Harvest episode on the iPad?”

The Girl: “Yeah… It just like that part… Look Meg’s head is going to stick up… That’s too funny”

Me (laughing): “ Wait… you think its funny that Star Was is Just like Blue Harvest. You realize that was kind of the point right?”

The Girl: “ I guess so, although I think it was funnier when the robot guy was smoking pot.”

Me: “It WAS funnier (laughing so hard now) That was the point. It funny that you don’t know about the real Star Wars but you know that Family Guy episode by heart.”

The Girl: “Hey I watch that when I work out ALL THE TIME. Look that Guy is the Old Man with the limp sword”

Me (now crying): “ To you the movie is the parody of the Family Guy… SO FREAKING FUNNY.”

The Girl: “Hey that is in there too…”

(Story stopped so I could compose myself)

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