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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meanwhile at work…

Meanwhile at work…I have the normal 1.5 million things to do and the stupid phone lines were out. This was last Monday, so I had to go into the utility room with the repair guy when I noticed something a little odd.  The pipe for the sprinkler system for the whole complex was sticking out of the cement. The cement was broken near the base. Did the pipe freeze? Did it shift?
I took this shot, sent it off to the sprinkler guys, they could not figure out what was going on. So I tabled it. Fast forward to today.
This morning as I casually drove by the utility room something caught my eye and I screeched to a stop. I backed up and saw this:
Yep the pipe was missing. Not just missing sawed off.
It seems that I was unable to see the obvious. It was not frozen or broken it was smashed. It was not the sprinkler guys. It appears some mental midget thought that it was a good idea to smash the concrete to get the pipe out. This particular super genius, when he could not get it out a week or so later decided just cut off the copper pipe. I estimate that this is a couple of dollars worth of scrap copper. Tops.
Ok here is where I go a little off the rails:
To the person that took my copper pipe.
It not about the money, or the time or the hassle.
Its more than that.
This really just pisses me off. I mean really really angers me. More than it should. Some might call it displaced anger, I would say it’s a focusing event.
Tomorrow I have a meeting with the sprinkler guys, the police and neither one of them are really going to give a shit. I, on the other hand, have made an enemy.



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