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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesdays Rant: absolute douche edition.

(start rant)

Photo credit to Ken Gillies.

A long time ago I learned that words like “always” and “never” were not my friends.

Such absolutes are tough to back up because we really do live in a world of grays, a place where there are exceptions and reasons that sometimes we can not see or maybe even understand.

You should NEVER KILL- what if you are saving a million lives by killing one tiny insect?

You should ALWAYS be kind to others- what about if causes you or your family harm.

Sure some of these might be just intellectual concepts, situations we would likely not encounter but still there are reasons. Reasons, possibilities, things you haven’t considered.

Really the big problem, besides the fact the only time you can be so absolute is to say you would NEVER be so absolute, is most of the time you come off sounding like a giant douche.
When you sound like a giant condescending tower of turd-tastick absolutisms I just want to hit you along side the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat.  Even if what you are saying, is mostly right, you self centered self-righteous ego-maniac. Especially if that person has a soapbox to reach the masses, Mr. think-you-know-everything.

I don’t want to name names, so I wont, but it drives me CRAZY that people will say things like:

There is NEVER any excuse to (do something)
People should ALWAYS  (do something)

I just wish people would acknowledge that no matter what they think they know, there can be an exception or reason or scenario that maybe, no matter how remote, just might contradict what you know.

(end rant)



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