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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan Vs. Minnesota

Today the rain is supposed to break and a cool fall day should unfold in Ann Arbor as The Wolverines will pay host to the Golden Gophers at Noon in the Big House.

Today we face another long tradition the battle for the little brown jug  the Wolverines fight to retain the right to hold the sacred jug and  the season moves forward with MI off to a fast start and heavily favored in this game today.
If the Wolverines prevail it will only continue to lay a strong foundation for coach Hoke's almost cult like following. Don't get me wrong I might just be a card carrying member.
This game could be dangerous however for the home team as Michigan is expected to win and Minnesota has everything to prove. They have upset us before (2005 I believe) in an eerily similar season and as you know anything can happen.

The first day of October brought in fall like it was flipping a switch. Cool dank weather that makes you crave a hot drink and a warm jacket.
The cool weather mixes with the almost palatable excitement in Ann Arbor and  big house will be packed in just a few hours.

Keep it rolling boys... you have the begining of a good season going.


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