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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan vs. Purdue

This morning I awoke to the insistent urging of the dog to go outside. I threw on my Jersey and some Jeans and ran out the door where the cold slapped me in the face my nostrils stung with the sudden influx of bitter air. I should have known it was coming but I just wasn't ready.

This is what happen to Michigan when they took the field last time in E Lansing against state two weeks ago. They were over-confident, they got slapped in the face by a superior playing State team that put them back on there heals and kept them there. They thought they knew what was coming but the just were not ready.

This week will be different.

Don't thing for a second that this bye week meant extra time to relax. Hoke was likely deeply disappointing to go down against Dantonio's team even if they played a little like thugs (I'm talking to you Gholston) and just to set the record straight we are not complaining about it,  it is what it is, a loss. We need to move on.

Purdue will come here with some momentum. 

Winning two of the last three games they are showing some grit and the back up quarter back seems to be starting to click. They also won last time here at the big house so they can probably taste the upset. Will it be enough to win? Not likely.

Michigan is favored to win for a reason.

The will likely have put the time they were given for the week off to tighten back up the defense and generally sharpen up the skills on offense as well. Michigan will have to shake of the loss and win with authority today to right the ship and put everything back on course. 


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