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Friday, November 18, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan vs Nebraska

Ahhhh... November with your crisp air and whispers of turkey and fixings.  You might just be the coyest of months lulling us in with you serene facade then with out warning spiking our punch with surprisingly emotionally charged football games.

Michigan faces Nebraska in Ann Arbor in just such a game tomorrow The first time the two teams will step onto a field together since the 2005 Alamo bowl. That was a close game that MI almost won in the last play of the game. In the end the Wolverines lost, but as it is with  any such close games it could have easily gone the other way.

That brings us back to tomorrow.

Both teams have had ups and down this year, and both teams have similar 8-2 records. That is not where the similarities end.

Both have dynamic quarterbacks
Both of them have trouble completing passes.
Michigan is favored, but its close.
Both need this win to validate there post season bids.

The Wolverines needs to let Denard be Denard and let him make the miracle plays when then need them. Take advantage of the house, deconstruct the week Corn huskers defense. Don’t take the eye off the prize. OSU is a week away.

Nebraska needs to stop the run game, and bite scratch and claw their way into early points to quiet the house. Show the MI defense something they are not used to. Get MI off balance and they have a good shot to chicken wing themselves to the W.

With all that is going on right now, this game will prove to be an excellent diversion tomorrow at 12 here in Ann Arbor. 

Go Blue.


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